Walkabout Creek Wedding

How beautiful is Walkabout Creek? Seriously, it’s pretty amazing how special our Native bushland can be.

It’s in our backyard, just on the edge of Brisbane hides D’Aguilar National Park. This picturesque location is where Cherisse and Josh chose to hold their big day on Saturday May 17th 2014.

We packed our umbrellas and gumboots thinking we might be in for some wet weather but luckily as we started getting ready the clouds began to part and by 11:30am, just in time for the Ceremony, the sun began to shine brightly.

How cute are these two?! Tim and I had so much fun venturing deep into the trees capturing the giggles and smiles of this truly wonderful couple, we have the photos to prove it!

Thank you Cherisse and Josh for sharing your beautiful day with us. I cant wait to see you again, I’m so happy to have gained such awesome friends!


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