April 15, 2017

Kevin and Sue – Cleveland Courthouse Wedding


April 15, 2017

Kevin and Sue – Cleveland Courthouse Wedding

Congratulations Kevin and Sue!

Saturday the 5th of September, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, Kevin is his cheery happy self eagerly awaiting the arrival of his beautiful Bride, Sue…

Want to hear our story? Kevin and I have a fantastic one!

One day back in February while my partner Tim and I were waiting for our cameras to be serviced we stumbled upon a Lifeline Superstore out at Capalaba. When we went inside we found this AMAZING selection of Wedding dresses and being the Wedding lover that I am I wanted to try some on! ..  (One day I’ll get to buy a dress … TIM! 😉 )

So that’s when we meet Kevin! Here I am standing out in the middle of the store and can’t do the dress up so Tim is giving me a helping hand. Kevin comes over and says to Tim “You can’t see her in the dress before the Wedding!” We had a good laugh and then I mentioned I didn’t have a ring yet… but I was actually a Wedding Photographer and did really want to buy a dress as I have all these great crazy ideas for Wedding photos I want to try out at home before a Wedding. To which Kevin responds that he is getting married and needs a Wedding Photographer and if I have a business card. You can imagine the scene of me the trying to dig around for my bag while I’m in a cupcake dress! I ducked out to the car to my trusty office on wheels and gave Kevin some brochures.

Then back to the changing room to keep trying on dresses. So I’m in the dressing room trying on most of the dresses in the shop and I can hear Kevin outside calling Sue! Then I found my gown! A beautiful A line, beaded, strapless gown that had never been worn for only $150, in my size 😀 By the time I’m out of the dress and up at the counter Kevin is already planning our Wedding Photography booking. We’re all having a great time and plan to have coffee the following week.

Fast forward to the following Tuesday and I got to meet Sue 🙂 We’re having coffee at Zaraffas, taking about everything and anything Weddings, life, travel, families, having a good old catch up like old friends and we locked in the booking for September 5th. And I’d been excitedly looking forward to their Wedding ever since!

So here we are 9am on Saturday the 5th of September!

A truly beautiful, heartfelt ceremony by Gwen Inglis at the Cleveland Courthouse. Grandchildren giving speeches, lots of smiles and laughter. Followed by a seaside photo shoots right down on the sand thanks to a friendly neighbour letting us use their boat ramp. We had so much fun, a lot of laughing happened especially in the jail cell photos after!

A lunch Reception followed in the Cleveland Courthouse.

I really did have such a wonderful time being your Wedding Photographer Kevin and Sue, I’m actually going to be a bit sad now that we don’t have any more meetings 🙁

I’ll have to keep dropping into Lifeline to say Hi!


Anna these photos are amazing, so colourful. You have managed to capture Sue and Kevin exactly as they are – happy, vibrant and so much in love. Congratulations. The bride and groom will have a difficult job choosing. I love the story of how you met, Kevin, too. Keep up the good work and I hope to work with you again soon. Kind regards, Gwen Inglis Marriage Celebrant

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