November 12, 2020

Gemma & Dan – High Church Wedding


November 12, 2020

Gemma & Dan – High Church Wedding

It may have rain and hailed and been postponed due to a pandemic but it happened and it was fantastic!

Gemma and Dan ~ Married 31.10.2020 what a day!

‘Twas a warm and steamy Brisbane morning with a weather forecast of “Large to giant hail in excess of two centimetres, damaging wind gusts in excess of 90 kilometres per hour and rainfall that can lead to flash flooding” predicted, but hey what’s a little rain?!

So yeah… at 3pm, the sky started turning green… and if you’re a Queenslander you know what that means… Hail…

To add a little sunshine to Bridal prep was Biscuit, now Biscuit is a little fluffy red cavoodle who shines her own light and is just ADORABLE!

A break in the weather and we sneak out for photos along Kangaroo Point and look at that sky, very cool!

A short limo ride through some hail and into the Valley to High Church where Dan was eagerly waiting to see his beautiful Bride Gemma.

Gemma turned heads as she walked down the candlelit aisle with her father. A beautiful light and cheery ceremony by Michael Janz sealed with a kiss!

Canapes, drinks and family photos in the gallery under the Church away from the rain. Just as we start to talk location photos and weather, out pops a rainbow! 

Barely a walk up Malt St from High Church are gorgeous views across the city and Story Bridge and thanks to the weather earlier it was pleasantly cool and had a cracking sky! I was only attacked by 1 bush turkey while snapping photos so I would call it a cracking success!

Eyeing off the BOM radar we decide it’s best to pop the champagne and picnic basket on the front stairs of the Church where we’re only one step away from shelter! 

High Church did a wonderful job flipping the venue from Ceremony to Reception in under an hour, guests were is awe as they re-entered the magnolia candle filled room!

Food that made your mouth water and speeches that made you laugh so hard you couldn’t help but cry. Gemma’s Bridesmaid Amy Currie won hands down at the best Wedding speech of 2020! It was so good that in fact I have a copy of it below for you to enjoy! I couldn’t possibly compete with telling Gemma and Dan’s story. If you love Amy’s work click her name above:

When Gemma Fell (in Love)

“A completely accurate retelling of a magical evening

In the dim and distant history of 2015

A plucky young solicitor shook up the legal scene

A fearsome secret weapon for the clients who would deploy her!

Yes, this was Gemma Robson: single female lawyer.

But when the gavels were laid down and court was not i n session

Gemma held her cat, Maxine, and made her own confession.

‘Maxine’, she said, ‘ I yearn for love! To meet that special guy

Who’s by my side when life gets tough, or shelving i s too high.’

‘I wonder what he’s like, Maxine. I hope he’s a good sort!

I’ve always been impressed by men who know facts about sport.

A guy who played guitar would be a guy I’d like to know.

Or i f he had a green thumb – that’d make my garden grow.’

‘I wonder when we’ll meet, Maxine? I wonder where we’ll be?

I know he’s out there somewhere, the man who’s meant for me.

I’ve got to find my one true love – the apple of my eye!’

‘Meow’, said Maxine thoughtfully, and tried to catch a fly.

‘You’re right, Maxine!’ cried Gemma, as she rose up to her feet.

‘No-one can predict just how or where someday we’ll meet.

I’ve got no time to mope around imagining my spouse.

I’m expected at a party at my little sister’s house.’

The party was exquisite! An elegant soiree!

Gemma drank from several different plastic cups that day.

Courtney’s birthday parties were the best she’d ever seen

And just a little spooky – ‘ cause they fall on Halloween

The mystery punch was flowing, and the music was up loud

When, suddenly, she saw a face that stood out from the crowd.

‘It’s him!’ she thought, ‘ My true love! I’d know him anywhere.

Oh, how am I to win his heart? Is he looking? How’s my hair?’

‘Oh God, he’s walking over. I’m paralysed with fear!

I hope I can impress him. I wish Maxine was here.’

Gemma’s grandmother had promised her she’d meet a nice young man.

And here he was! He smiled at her, and told her: ‘ Hey. I’m Dan.’

They talked into the evening. Gemma thrilled to hear his voice.

She found the hint of kiwi accent absolutely choice!

But just as things were going well, he paused and looked away.

Gemma’s heart was pounding. What was he about to say?

‘Oh wow,’ she thought, ‘it’s happening! There’s romance in the air!’

She felt a sudden overwhelm. She couldn’t remain there!

‘Excuse me, Dan,’ she blurted out – then panic made her flee!

She bolted for the staircase as Dan wondered: ‘Was it me?’

Perhaps she should have made herself a more substantial lunch.

Perhaps it was the lighting, or the cups of mystery punch.

Perhaps ’twas simply destiny that caught her unawares!

But our modern Cinderella tripped – and tumbled up the stairs.

The crash was so almighty that she knew she’d come to harm.

And sure enough, as she sat up, she saw she’d hurt her arm.

Sister Courtney swept in quick to check she wasn’t dead,

And a sore and sorry Gemma thought it best she went to bed.

The next day, she was miserable. How had it gone so wrong?

‘Oh Maxine, it’s all ruined – and we really got along!

Now my arm is marked forever. Do boys dig chicks with scars?’

‘Meow’, said Maxine thoughtfully, and knocked over a vase.

‘You’re wrong, Maxine!’ cried Gemma. ‘It will not be okay.

I’ve loved and lost my perfect match. Oh, why’d I run away?

My heart i s full of sorrow. I’m cursed to be alone!’

It was then that Gemma’s phone rang. The number was unknown.

‘Gemma!’ cried the caller. ‘Gemma, I have been through hell!

I’ve been trying hard to reach you since the moment that you fell.

You’re the kind of girl who needs her stairwells extra bright!

Oh, this is Dan here, by the way. We met the other night.’

‘I’m sad you landed on your arm. At least you missed your face.

But I’ve never seen a woman fall with such exquisite grace!

I bet your scar looks badass – and I kind of like that you

Marked the night we met with a commemorative tattoo.’

‘Now, I know electricity, and babe, we had a spark.

And if I was your man your staircase never would be dark.

I hope it’s not too forward of me, but gosh, I think you’re great!

What I’m trying to say is – would you join me for a date?’

The rest, my friends, is history – so all that’s left to do

Is wish them every happiness (and some for Maxine, too).

May they always face the future with resilience and grit

And keep each other’s staircases extremely brightly lit.”

Penned with love by Amy Currie in celebration of the marriage of

Gemma and Daniel

Now that you’re all glowing from reading such a wonderful speech…

Here’s my Top 10 ways to positively look at rain on your Wedding day!

  1. You can get some really cool photos, one of a kind, unique images. You should see the sky in these photos!
  2. You might get a rainbow? Gemma and Dan did!
  3. Your flowers will last longer! No drooping in the heat 😉
  4. Rain is actually considered good luck on your wedding day! Hindus believe it predicts a strong marriage.
  5. They also say rain a sign of fertility (if that’s your thing) and cleansing, seriously who doesn’t want to cleanse after 2020…
  6. Rainy weather is good cuddle weather. Snuggle up! There’s lots of kisses and cuddles on your Wedding day.
  7. I personally think rain is romantic.. that scene from the notebook when they kiss on the jetty in the rain… swoon!
  8. Temperature, after rain or a storm, the air temperature usually drops a lot and let’s be honest, Weddings are sweaty! Plus your makeup will last longer x
  9. There will be less people hogging all the good photo spots around town. If you get married in the city, bye bye tourists in the background of your photos. If you get married on the beach, hello empty beach and endless possibility.
  10. In the end life is all about creating memories and those you share these with. Rain will make for a great story that will live on!

Congratulations Gemma and Dan, you were amazing and I truly wish you all the happiness in the world. Love Anna xx

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