About Anna

I just love, love. Fairytales, love stories, dreams coming true, white dresses, pretty rings, big smiles, giggling, Taylor Swift songs and everything in between, all things that make my world go ’round.

Sharing in your special moment gives me butterflies in my tummy. Let me get excited with you, cry with you and document your joy from your Proposal through to where life takes you next!

I am a Brisbane based Photographer, who lives to capture the most important events and milestones in your life. Specialising in full day Wedding Photography, also documenting Proposals, Engagement Parties through to your Maternity and Newborn photos, I’m with you all the way! I supply all your photographs digitally to you at no additional cost to your chosen package.

In 2014 I was nominated in the top 15 Wedding Photographers in Queensland in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards, which was rather exciting!

But apart from all that work stuff there’s a lot more! There’s my partner Tim, He’s pretty cool, we like to go for big walks together and I like to bake him special cakes. We hangout and watch Netflix during the week and get to photograph Weddings together on the weekend! Pretty awesome right? We love our work and we love each other, talk about team awesome!

Tim Anna

I also like to travel.. like is really an understatement, I love it, live for it! I take after my father, who spends his life traveling the world for a living, it’s in our blood I think! If you’re having a destination Wedding then I’m already packed and totally want to be there! I’ve been pretty much all over the globe Japan, Russia, UK, America, Canada, France, Greece, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland just to name a few and have 1000000 ideas and locations I dream about taking Wedding portraits in! But there’s still lots of gaps of places I dream to see.

Anna Osetroff Travel Destination Wedding PhotographerMore about me:

I’m not your average photographer. I believe the best images are not planned, they are spontaneous and fun, I feel these can only be documented with a Photojournalistic approach (Fun, energetic, fly-on-the-wall, creating a fun mood and capturing stuff as it happens). I live to capture real moments in life and love. I invest my heart into my work, connecting on a personal level with each couple, promoting laughter, creating ease and comfort on their Wedding day.

Below you can find photos of me hangin’ with my Brides and Grooms, we like to keep it light and have fun while we’re shooting, but don’t worry we take our job super seriously too.

Anna Osetroff Brisbane Wedding Photographer with Couples

And because sometimes I think it’s okay to brag, below are some photographs from my awards and newspaper articles!

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