June 6, 2021

Hanri + Tim


June 6, 2021

Hanri + Tim

A man walks into a pandemic…

It’s hard to think about 2020 and not remember the uncertainty, the fear and the doubt. So when we hear stories such as Hanri and Tim’s, it’s important to share and remember that love, hope and happiness don’t go away during these trying times, we might just need to look a little harder to find them. 

Tim and Hanri’s relationship grew while out walking and despite social distancing, the occasional lockdown and a national toilet paper shortage, their love blossomed and then the infamous covid-kiss!

Nestled between the Brisbane River and the bottom of Kangaroo Point cliffs, the ceremony space at RiverLife felt both intimate and grandiose. Flanked by cliffs in both directions the ceremony looked out across the river with the Brisbane skyline gleaming under a bright blue sky.

As the guests took their seats, Hanri’s niece and nephew cautiously led the bridal party down the aisle, their little faces wrought with concern and nerves. None of which however, were visible on the stunning bride’s face as she beamed the whole way down the aisle towards her teary eyed husband.

It was a beautiful evening under a canopy of lights, there were speeches, tears, plenty of laughing and even a song. Framed against a backdrop of the Brisbane City lights, the river sparkling like jewels it was a truly magical sight to behold.

Hanri and Tim, it was an absolute pleasure to be your photographers and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

Anna + Tim xx

Videography by William Gordon:

A note from Hanri:

“Anna!!!!! Thank you x a million again!! We are sooo in love with our photos and video and will cherish it forever! 😍😍

Our cake supplier was Pippa and her business is called Pippa’s Pantry.

The fairy lights and roof decor was done by Avideas Event Hire in Salisbury 🙂

The rest was all done by us!”

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